Responding to market changes in integrated communications

During DVD we became ever more aware of how quickly MacNeillie has responded to changes, both in customer requirements and leading edge communications technology, since the inaugural show in 2003.

A cursory glance at the outside of a current MacNeillie command and control unit may not reveal the huge acceleration in compliant in-vehicle communications and data systems. Step inside the vehicle and a very different world is revealed with multiple screens projecting satellite tracking imagery, rolling news and planning and mapping software – all driven by frontline officers. This is supported by a satellite broadband system and VoIP plus mesh camera systems amongst other specialist equipment required for military specialist and emergency services vehicles.

The increasing demand for in-vehicle communications has seen MacNeillie grow the size and capability of its team so that we can continue to develop capabilities to meet both current and future requirements. We work closely with customers to fully understand their operational challenges and tailor the solutions to meet these. As an agnostic supplier, we will also select the best in market – introducing innovation where it truly supports the customer. The end user, the officer, is also critical to the solution. That’s why we consider the working environment, from ergonomics to welfare and comfort.

Our communications capability extends to the assessment of radio equipment. This is critical to ensuring the conversion of the vehicles does not throw out any anomalies elsewhere in the machines performance. To achieve this, we have invested in semi-anechoic electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test facilities which provide assessments including antenna performance, and electrical supply disturbance and consumption.

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