Babcock Partners with HM Coastguard to Fly the Flag at Pride 2018

Babcock International Group (Babcock) is transforming search and rescue vehicles for HM Coastguard into Pride patrol cars for the first time to mark the Brighton Pride event next weekend on 3-5 August.

HM Coastguard has been working in partnership with Babcock’s Vehicle Engineering (VE) business for over 20 years but was approached this year to help create a conversion of a different kind.

A Nissan Navara, which is used in search and rescue, was delivered to HM Coastguard earlier this month displaying the Pride in Babcock logo and colourful rainbow livery. Staff there took such a shine to the newly ‘converted’ car that another is on the way and there are plans to use it at parades nationwide post Brighton.

Babcock, which is one of Europe’s leading specialist vehicle converters, equips the Navara with blue light equipment such as radios and public warning systems. Richard Semmens, Managing Director of VE said they worked with the customer to develop the right livery and branding to give them a good show for the event.

“Our partnership spans more than 20 years and we were recently asked to convert a number of specialist all-terrain vehicles for the customer. These have been used in various search and rescue missions, including the recent national emergency services response to tackle the Moorland fires.

“This time it’s what’s on the outside of the vehicle that counts. We’ve worked with HM Coastguard to come up with a brand new design incorporating the Pride in Babcock logo which demonstrates our commitment to supporting Pride and also deliver something that we hope will really stand out at the parade next weekend.”

Chris Thomas, Deputy Director for Maritime Operations said: “We are extremely grateful to Babcock for creating our new Pride livery on the vehicles at no cost to HM Coastguard.  Our involvement at Pride says this is who we are – an inclusive workforce that actively supports and promotes diversity and an organisation that wants everyone to be proud and feel safe in saying who they are.”

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