We provide specialist covert conversions and the inconspicuous integration of warning equipment for unmarked police vehicle solutions to police forces worldwide.

Our covert police car range can be based on saloon, estate, SUV or 4×4 platforms – we can also provide a fully integrated covert motorbike solution.

You can order directly through with us or through a manufacturer. Our one-stop-shop arrangement with manufacturers means you can simply place one contract to cover both the base vehicle and the Babcock conversion. Whichever way you select, we deliver the quality, durability and safety of the original vehicle that you’d expect – covered by the warranty.

Our ‘turnkey’ solution takes the difficulty out of scheduled vehicle replacements. We design, manufacture, deliver and familiarise the new road ready vehicle and take the old vehicle away for decommissioning and disposal in one planned movement.

Solutions development

The appliance can vary in specification from customer to customer, but common options are:

  • Warning equipment
  • Communication systems
  • Telematics
  • First line equipment storage
  • Portable lighting systems