MacNeillie IVA Test Facility Enhanced

MacNeillie have recently enhanced their IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) alternative test facility. In addition to approving category M1 and N1 vehicles, we are now able to test N2 vehicles (gross vehicle weight capped at 5000kg) on site, as well as O1 and O2 trailers.

This now means we can test the following categories on site:

M1 – Passenger vehicle no more than 8 seats and special purpose

N1 – Light goods vehicle 3500kg or less

N2 – Mid size goods vehicle with a capped weight at 5000kg

O1 – Small trailers 750kg or less

O2 – Light trailers 750kg up to 3500kg

The N2, O1 and O2 testing accreditation removes the inconvenience involved in transporting vehicles/trailers to the nearest test centre, incurring travel costs and test charges. Along side our MOT bay and EMC test chamber, the further accreditation provides a greater service for our customers.

Our IVA test facility is accessible to the public. This provides the local region with the benefits of registering vehicles onsite in conjunction with reduced travelling. For more information about IVA testing or to book an IVA test for your vehicle, you can use the website or follow the link for an application form:

Our site number is H00194