London Marathon Charity Efforts


Every year, Robin Hindley aims to do at least one thing for a children’s charity, a different one each year. This year, he signed up for the London Marathon with his partner, Sammy to raise money for ‘Children with Cancer’. This was the first full marathon that he has run and it’s taken him a year to train. He says the hardest part about training was ’getting up at 5am to train’ and ‘running through winter, facing the wet, freezing cold temperatures’. However he found it motivational to run with his partner as they helped encourage each other.

In order to take part in the marathon, they needed to get a minimum donation of £1,500. They raised roughly £2,100, through a charity night and raffles. MacNeillie was proud to act as one of their main sponsors. Sammy won her position through the ballot, Robin gaining his through the charity.

After recovering from the aches and pains in the aftermath of the marathon, Robin is already aiming to take part again next year. In the meantime, he has signed up to the Birmingham half marathon in October and the Iron Man in Staffordshire next year.