Crown Commercial Service Supplier – Vehicle Conversion & Reconditioning Services

The Government Procurement Service is an executive agency within the Cabinet Office aiming to provide advice and support with the procurement process. They have introduced a new Vehicle Conversion Framework in order to simplify the process of procuring vehicles and vehicle conversions. By involving stakeholders and setting consistent best practice standards, the framework agreement aims to bring down prices for the consumer.

MacNeillie are proud to announce that we are listed suppliers under all seven lots within the new RM956 Framework launched by GPS (now known as Crown Commercial Service). This means that we are one of the converters of choice for both public and government vehicles under the following categories:

Lot 1:       M1 & N1 Conversions and Modifications (and specialist variants)

Lot 2:       M2 & N2 Conversions & Bodybuild (and specialist variants)

Lot 3:       N3 Conversions & Bodybuild

Lot 4:       Trailers (including semi-trailers) and Conversions O1, O2, and O3 & O4

Lot 5:       Conversion and Bodybuild of special purpose vehicles

Lot 6:       Conversion and Bodybuild of stretcher bearing vehicles

Lot 7:       Electrical installation – supply and fit