Fire Vehicles
Customised products built
to serve you

  • Fire and rescue vehicle
  • Fire and rescue vehicle
  • Fire and rescue vehicle

Our fire products

We are a market leader in delivering specialist vehicle conversions and electronic and communications systems integration to the Fire Service.

We work closely with both your project team and end user to fully understand the environment in which the vehicle will operate – every detail is critical.

We’ll advise on and fit the latest innovations being introduced into advancing fire vehicles. We’ll also be here when you need us – where you need us – through the life of the vehicle.

Built for your fleet

We offer a comprehensive choice of specialist products and services across the broad spectrum of vehicle manufacturers including:

  • Small appliances
  • Commander cars
  • Incident control and bespoke specialist vehicles

We are a market leader in integrating cutting-edge information tech including mobile data terminals; incident data recorders; enhanced security digital radios; automatic number plate recognition systems; ‘gateway’ repeating systems; IED detection systems; satellite installations and Wi-Fi Connectivity.

Built to meet your requirements

Each customer has their own specific requirements from procurement to the end finish.

You can order directly through with us or through a manufacturer. Our one-stop-shop arrangement with manufacturers means you can simply place one contract to cover both the base vehicle and the conversion. Whichever way you select, we deliver the quality, durability and safety of the original vehicle that you’d expect – covered by the warranty.

In engineering a solution, we take the time to understand what you need including specialist options such as integrated and electrical communication solutions, storage systems, auxiliary systems and incident data recorders. We also ensure that the conversion is commensurate with the base vehicle using our highly skilled engineers and using 3D drawing and rendered models to support this.

We also offer:

  • A complete livery service from the application to a complete strip and decommission service
  • Onsite or off-site installations

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