Innovation starts with the material, and our quality lightweight composite solution offers strength and weight benefits over more traditional materials.

We produce robust, protective and high quality finished composites for use across many sectors including emergency services, defence & security, marine, industrial, agriculture, and public and have developed parts for high end automobiles, motorsport vehicles and other specialist equipment. This includes track day bumper protection system, air ducts, bonnets and spoiler kits.

Our products and designs have a broad range of benefits including weight-saving, strength, impact resistance and covert applications.

Composite solutions for customers

Working closely with our customers, we take the time to fully understand their requirements and share our experience. For example we have developed specialist coach-built vehicle bodies such as territorial support group vehicles, box body ambulances, horseboxes and underwater search units as we know the detrimental impact of regular exposure to fluids and water on traditional style bodies.

We have worked with customers developing composite specialist bodies for riot protection and public order vehicles. The high impact resistance and weight saving characteristics offer very real benefits.

Another area of the business benefitting from the weight saving elements of our composite body is cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicles and mobile banks and offices, which are built on lighter chassis whilst delivering the high level of security, safety and operational delivery required.