Composites material plays a key part in automotive  innovation. Our quality lightweight  solution offers strength and weight benefits over more traditional materials.

We recognise the value of our specialist composite capability to the automotive sector and have developed parts for high end automobiles, motorsport vehicles and other specialist equipment. This includes track day bumper protection system, air ducts, bonnets and spoiler kits.

Composite solutions for customers

Working closely with our customers, we take the time to fully understand their requirements and share our experience.

All our composite and automotive composite products and tools, requiring superior lamination or finish, are manufactured within our calibrated 400 C/20 bar autoclave which is used to cure the composite components under heat and pressure for professional quality This enables the manufacture of large single piece components for example:

  • Floor panels
  • Roof panels
  • Associated vehicle panels, boot/trunk lids, bumpers/fenders skirts etc.
  • Bulkheads and structural parts

The high quality composite parts are achieved by accurately controlling the curing temperature and pressure. The cure process is critical during the manufacturing phase.