Discreet armoured protection allows critical vehicles to operate in urban areas where a less aggressive approach and more covert role are required.

Using the highest quality and compliant ballistic material, combined with the latest technology, vehicles can be customised to meet your requirements on security, safety, comfort, operational performance and budget

Large choice of vehicle & options

Our discreet protection products provide the necessary safeguarding on a diverse array of vehicle platforms ranging from saloon and executive cars to SUVs and larger specialist builds.

We provide armoured cars and other vehicles to varying specifications for many government agencies and security-focused organisations. This includes a basic model specification vehicle (used by Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)) up to a VIP solution finished to the highest levels of luxury with integrated communications, on-board entertainment and security related electronic options.

Most of our armoured cars can be provided with optional one year spare packs, dependent upon the customer’s preferred support solution, and the area of the world the vehicle would be expected to operate in.

Solution development

In developing your armoured vehicle solution, we liaise closely with you on a number of elements including:

  • Protection and blast options
  • Country of operation: Considering climate controls, left or right hand drive
  • Communications system integration
  • Heavy duty suspension and braking systems
  • Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)
  • Runflat systems
  • Blast resistant fuel tanks
  • Anti-tamper systems
  • Onboard vehicle charging systems
  • Camera and recording systems