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Our armoured products

Babcock provides a unique solution in how governments and other organisations develop and support a fleet of armoured vehicles.

As a globally recognised security classified organisation, we supply customised armoured products to sectors that include defence, civil service, luxury VIP security, civil protection, cash-in-transit and non-government agencies.

We take the time to fully understand your risks and develop market-leading and customised protective solutions. We provide continued support you require now and in the future including training, specialist parts, servicing and highly skilled technicians – wherever you are in the world.

We manufacture to varying protection levels including B4, B6 and many other levels. We also offer upgrade packages, known as appliqué kits, to increase the ballistic capabilities of existing vehicles, giving protection up to Military Level 3.

 Why choose Babcock?

  • Ultimate perimeter protection of passengers
  • Market-leading choice of vehicles
  • Choice of standard and fully customised products
  • Discreet and overt protection options
  • In-house communications integration capability
  • Secure production facility

 Rigorous testing

At every stage of the armouring process, we test processes and materials. The design is enhanced through trials on prototypes, including simulated attack, to identify any weaknesses.

An in-house ballistic firing range enables our own trials to be conducted, with high-tech velocity detection and video facilities enabling us to combat current and future threats.

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