We build a robust Patient Transport Services (PTS) conversion platform for both wheelchair and non-wheelchair accessible vehicles. We offer a variety of base vehicle models and wheelbases to suit the specific PTS vehicle requirements of the customer.

Using our experience with emergency services vehicles, we have developed a robust conversion with proven materials and technology.

Our vehicles can be used for almost any occasion through offering standard passenger and bariatric carrying ability for stretcher or seating options.

Features and options include:

  • M1 (no more than 8-seats plus driver) and M2 (more than 8-seats plus driver – 5T or less) types available
  • Easy-to- use tail-lifts or ramp options for wheelchair entry/exiting
  • Side entry handrails to assist ‘walk on’ patients
  • Fixed, removable or tip and fold seating for customisation of interior layout
  • Dashboard operator control panel for ergonomic use by driver
  • Roof mounted extraction fans
  • Diesel powered saloon heaters to maintain a comfortable temperature